Saturday, May 31, 2008

English Translation of 'Mujhe Buddha Mil Gaya'

A funny song from the classic movie Sangam. Vijayantimala's character puts on her own show after her husband didn't want to take her with him to a cabaret...

Song: Main Kya Karoon Ram Mujhe Buddha Mil Gaya
Movie: Sangam
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
Actors: Vijayantimala, Raj Kapoor

Haan, buddha!
Main kya karoon Ram mujhe buddha mil gaya...
Yes, you're an old man!
Oh God, what am I to do? I'm stuck with an old geezer.

Sab jo gaye baagh mera buddha bhi chal aa gaya
Sabko laaye phool buddha gobhi leke aa gaya
Main ho gayi badnaam mujhe buddha mil gaya
Main kya karun Ram mujhe buddha mil gaya
Everyone went to the garden and my old man followed them there
While everyone else brought flowers, he came back with a cauliflower
I'm so embarassed because of this old man.
What should I do God? I'm stick with this geezer...

Main gudiya haseen meri morni si chaal hai
Sar mein safed uske dadaji sa baal hai
Kya hoga anjaam mujhe buddha mil gaya
Hai kya karoon Ram mujhe buddha mil gaya
I'm a gorgeous babe, who has the graceful strut of a peacock
But look at this grandpa, he has grays all over his head
I don't know what will become of me because I'm stuck with this old man
Help me God, because I'm stuck with an old man

Pariyan ke des mujhe buddha leke aa gaya
Maine jo uthaya ghunghat buddha ghussa kha gaya
Bigadega har kaam mujhe buddha mil gaya
Main kya karoon Ram mujhe buddha mil gaya..
My old man took me to the land of fairies
But when I tried to lift my veil to look around, he got upset at me!
Nothing's going to go right... I'm stuck with this grumpy old man
Oh God, please help me! I'm stuck with this old man


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