Tuesday, June 3, 2008

English Translation of 'Log Kehte Hain'

This translation is of the last part of the song "Mujhe Naulakha Manga De De" (I ask you to give me a pearl necklace) by Asha Bhosle. In it, Amitabh Bachchan's character pleads his case for all those accusing him of alcoholism while wooing the girl at the same time. One of my favorites.

Song: Mujhe Naulakha Manga De De (male part at end)
Singers: Kishore Kumar
Movie: Sharaabi
Actors: Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Prada

Log kehte hain main sharaabi hoon
Tumne bhi shaayad yehi sochh liya
Haan, log kehte hain main sharaabi hoon
People say that I'm an alcoholic
Perhaps you too have assumed this
Yes, people say that I'm an alcoholic

Kissi pe husn ka guroor jawaani ka nasha
Kissi ke dil pe mohabbat ki rawaani ka nasha
Kissi ko dekh ke saanson se ubhartha hain nasha
Bina piye bhi kahin hadse guzarta hai nasha
Some get a high from their own beauty and youth
Some, from the passion of their love
For some, it is just seeing another that makes them feel drunk
Without even drinking a drop of liquor, they can feel a euphoric intoxication.

Nashe mein kaun nahin hai mujhe bataaon zara
Kisse hai hosh mere saamne to laaon zara
Nasha hai sab pe magar rang nashe ka hain judaa
So then please tell me, who out there isn't inebriated?
I challenge you to bring in front of me one who is completely sober.
Everybody is intoxicated, it's just the color of the intoxicant that differs for each.

Khili khili hui subha pe hai shabnam ka nasha
Hawa pe khusboo ka baadal pe hain rhim-jhim ka nasha
Kahin suroor hain khushiyon ka, kahin gam ka nasha
The bright morning is intoxicated by the dewdrops which have fallen upon it.
The breeze is intoxicated by the sweet fragrance it carries; the cloud, by the drops of rain.
Somewhere, by the abundance of happiness; elsewhere, by sorrow.

Nasha sharaab mein hota, to naachti botal
Maikhade jhoom ke paimaanon mein hoti halchal
Nasha sharaab mein hota, to naachti botal
Nashe mein kaun nahin hai, mujhe bataaon zara
Nashe mein kaun nahin hai, mujhe bataaon zara
If there were any intoxicants in alcohol, then the rum bottle would be dancing.
And the bars would be swaying on their own.
If it was alcohol that carried the intoxicant, then the bottle itself would be dancing.
So, now tell me who is not intoxicated.
Again I ask who out there is not inebriated?

Log kehte hain main sharaabi hoon
Tumne bhi shaayad yehi soch liya
Haan, log kehte hain main sharaabi hoon...
Yet people still say that I'm the alcoholic.
Maybe you even think so.
Yes, people call me a drunkard.

Thodi aankhon se pila de re sajni diwani
Tujhe main, tujhe main, tujhe saanson mein basa loonga sajni diwani
Tujhe naulakha manga doonga, sajni diwani
Let me drink from your eyes, oh crazy lover.
I will, I will, I will make you part of my breath, oh lovesick one.
I will give you the pearl necklace you ask for.


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